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(under the Grand Lodge of AF & AM of India)


Founded: December 15, 1921 - Warrant Scottish Constitution May 4, 1922 - Warrant Grand Lodge of India November 26, 1961

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"Our words and actions are recorded…"

Under a Provisional Warrant granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the inauguration meeting was held on the 15th December, 1921 at Freemasons' Hall before a distinguished gathering. First, the Grand Lodge was opened in solemn form with the following office bearers:

R. W. Bro. G. H. Richards Grand Master
R. W. Bro. J. D. Richards Senior Warden
R. W. Bro. W. Kendell Junior Warden
V. W. Bro. H. S. Myers Secretary
R. W. Bro. J. A . Marlam I. P. Master
W. Bro. E. G. Jervis Chaplain
R. W. Bro. J. J. Carlis  Senior Deacon
R. W. Bro. W. G. Tynthall  Junior Deacon
R. W. Bro. James White  Director of Ceremonies
W. Bro. W. F. Paddock Sword Bearer
R. W. Bro. S. S. Newman Inner Guard
Bro. J. J. Smith Grand Steward
Bro. T. Wekch Grand Steward

There was distinguished gathering of visitors representing several lodges far and near both from the Scottish and English constitutions. Present on this occasion were W. Bro. A. S. Andrews, Bro. G. W. Smith, Bro. Duckworth, Bro. C.R. Killory, W. Bro. J. H. Webster, Bro. R. B. L. Brown., Bro. J. H. Barrot, Bro B. Harris, Bro. W. H. King, W. Bro. F. F. Bookseller, Bro. Herbhart Augustus James, Bro. James Fredick Wales all from lodge Gibbs No. 1090 S. C. Bro. H. Lingh, W. Bro. C. E. Hall, W. Bro. R. Beard were visitors from Lodge United Services 2735 E. C. Besides these, there were visitors from lodge Star of India 1264 E. C. Lodge Orient-in-West-415 E. C. Lodge St. Andrews in the East 343 S. C. and others.

The summons convening the meeting was read by the secretary. The Grand Master was saluted. The lodge was opened in the Second and Third degrees. The Secretary read out the petition from the grant of a Charter to form the New Lodge "Star of the South".

The petitioners were obligated and the Grand Master proceeded with the ceremony of inauguration.

The Lodge was resumed in the Second Degree and the Master-Elect Bro. F. Foystar was presented to the Grand Master by the Director of Ceremonies Bro. F. Foystar was duly obligated. The Lodge was raised to the Third Degree and Bro. F. Foystar was installed the First W. Master of the Lodge. The newly installed Master obligated and invested the following office bearers:

Bro. P. T. Chetty Dep. Master
Bro. G. H. Savory Subs, Master
Bro. S. R. Rao Senior Warden
Bro. J. W. Gretorex Junior Warden
W. Bro. H. S. Mayers Secretary
Bro. M. Zainullabuddin Asst, Secretary
W. Bro. R. Bread Treasurer
W. Bro. W. T. Fenny Chaplain
Bro. J. W. Edwin Senior Deacon
Bro. A. C. Adams Junior Deacon
Bro. E. Villiers Jeweler
W. Bro. J. Pouleter Director of Ceremonies
Bro. H. A. James Organist
Bro. T. P. Nilakanta Mudaliar Inner Guard
Bro. L. Macher Steward
Bro. W. E. Felgate Steward
Bro. Rajagopal Steward
Bro. G. W. Watts Tyler

The acting Grand Master congratulated the W. Master and his officers and wished the Lodge prosperity. The Grand Master conveyed greetings on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. W. Bro. E. G. Jervis greeted the W. Master on behalf of the Dist. Grand Lodge of Madras. E. C.

The W. Master thanked the acting Grand Master and the other officers of the Grand Lodge and the visitors. The Lodge was closed.

The warrant dated the 4th May 1922 was later received and an emergent meeting was held on the 14th February 1923 on which date the Lodge was duly consecrated by R. W. Bro. Nisi, G. S. D., Grand Secretary, All Scottish Freemasonry in India. The details of the meeting unfortunately are not recorded in the Minute book beyond nothing that the lodge was opened as a Grand Lodge.


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