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(under the Grand Lodge of AF & AM of India)

Founded: December 15, 1921 - Warrant Scottish Constitution May 4, 1922 - Warrant Grand Lodge of India November 26, 1961

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"The moving finger writes and having writ moves on
not all you piety nor with shall lure it back to cancel
half a line nor all your tears wash out a word of it

Lodge Star of the South was inaugurated on the 15th of December 1921 under a provisional warrant granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The lodge was registered as No. 1290 on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The regular charter dated the 4th May 1922 was received later and in an emergent meeting held on 14th February 1923 the lodge was duly consecretated by R. W. Bro. A. N. Nisi. G.S.D., Grand Secretary, All Scottish Freemasonry in India, as the Grand Lodge was then designated.  This Lodge took the momentous and unanimous decision to join the Grand Lodge of India at its regular meeting held on 5th May 1961. Thus it became a Foundation member of the Grand Lodge of India and this change was adopted by a resolution passed on 5th January 1962.

The charter granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland was returned on October 1961 and the November meeting was held without a charter under a letter of authority issued by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

It was a happy day when on 31st December 1961 W. Bro. B. S. Dodsankarappa S. G. Deacon and W. Bro. P. L Venkata Rao, G Marshal were received and greeted, when W. Bro. B. S. Dodsankarappa presented the charter issued by the M. W. the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India to the W. Master, W. Bro, S. P Nanjunda Mudaliar, the first W. Master under the Indian Constitution, and the last under the Scottish constitution. The W. Master was decorated with the Foundation Lodge Jewel by W. Bro. B. S. Dodsankarappa. The new banner under the Grand Lodge of India was put up for the first time on 5th July 1963.

The Lodge celebrated the Platinum Jubilee on 15th October 1997 in the august presence of M. W. The Grand M. W. Bro. K. L. Reddy and R. W. the Regional Grand Master R. W. Bro K. R. Rajasekaran Nair.

We are deeply beholden to our past masters and the various office bearers who have labored hard to enable the Lodge to the present its proud record on this day.

A mason, it was said in 1734-74 
"is a man of Benevolence and charity, not sitting  down contended, while his fellow creatures, but much 
more his brethren, are in want, When it is in his power  (without Prejudicing himself or family), to relieve them"
"William Smith - A pocket companion for Freemasonry"

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