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(under the Grand Lodge of AF & AM of India)

Founded: December 15, 1921 - Warrant Scottish Constitution May 4, 1922 - Warrant Grand Lodge of India November 26, 1961


to the fascinating world of Freemasonry - a fraternity of men who believe in Fatherhood of God & Brotherhood of Man...


Lodge Star of the South was inaugurated on the 15th of December 1921 under a provisional warrant granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The lodge was registered as No. 1290 on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The regular charter dated the 4th May 1922 was received later and in an emergent meeting held on 14th February 1923 the lodge was duly consecretated by R. W. Bro. A. N. Nisi. G.S.D., Grand Secretary, All Scottish Freemasonry in India, as the Grand Lodge was then designated.


Lodge Star of the South took the momentous and unanimous decision to join the Grand Lodge of India at its regular meeting held on 5th May 1961. Thus it became a Foundation member of the Grand Lodge of India and this change was adopted by a resolution passed on 5th January 1962.




"Be very cautious whom you recommend as a candidate.
On false step on this point may prove fatal.
If you have a good Lodge, keep it select."
Dr. Oliver

Worshipful Master



  W. Bro. Kiran Prasanna

Dear Brother,
Fraternal greetings... May I personally extend a warm welcome for visiting our website. If you are a Master Mason visiting Bangalore and want to visit our lodge, I would like to invite you to attend our regular meetings held on the first Saturday of every month at 6:00 PM at Freemason’s Hall, No. 2, Primrose Road, Bangalore, Karnataka,
India – 560 025.




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